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Bell Music Academy Desktop and Mobile

My most recent website project. Bell Music Academy is the last remaining part of Bell Music, where I worked for 7 years. Due to the effects of the pandemic the company sadly had to close all other departments. However, I was thrilled to put a new website together for the academy as my last piece of work for the company.

The budget didn’t allow for a complete UCD process, however, I included certain aspects of it in my processes. I conducted competitive analysis, created the information architecture, created personas and plotted out user journeys for each of them. I also wrote the copy for the site.

I wanted the feel of the website to be inspiring but keep a positive and inspiring tone throughout the imagery and copy.

The main goal of the website is to encourage visitors to contact the academy either with an enquiry or by filling out the registration form. The team didn’t want users to be able to buy lessons on the site as they would want to talk to them first to discuss their needs.

The site took a month to put together and went live in July 2021. I’m really happy with the end result and the site seems to be working. The registration numbers have risen by 15% and that is prior to the busiest time of the year when the schools return from the summer holidays in August/September.

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Businessynergy is a Human Resources company offering a range of services to help companies that don’t have their own HR department. They needed to refresh and rebuild their WordPress website as it was built in a way which difficult for them to update the content themselves and the look had become dated.

I worked closely with Rebecca, their content manager to put the site together. Rebecca wrote the copy for the site and had an idea of how she wanted it laid out. 

I wanted to build on the brand throughout the site, sticking to the purple and gold colour scheme and using illustrations and icons to create interest and enjoyable experience for the user.

Initially, I had sourced imagery to be used throughout the site that focussed on people as I felt this should be the focal point for an HR company. However, the MD of the company was not keen on this approach so we worked together to find images that would portray the desired message in a different way. 

The main goal of the site is to educate users and build trust in the company ultimately leading to the user contacting the company with a view to working together. 

The site also needed to be built in a way that would make it easy for the company to keep the site up to date with new content. With this in mind, I conducted a handover session where I walked the company through how to make changes and add content, which I recorded and provided. to them for future reference.

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Businessynergy Desktop and Mobile


Bella Kesoyan desktop and mobile

Probably my most interesting project to date. Bella Kesoyan is an art historian, writer and editor and she wanted a site that would be unique and not follow traditions or rules.

Bella didn’t really know what she wanted in terms of design other than its uniqueness. I drafted up 3 versions of a homepage for her to get started, of which she picked this one and we built the site from there. This was a process that we used throughout the site, with my initial designs sparking her creativity and leading her to add to the designs in her own way. 

The site is used as a portfolio of her various work within the art industry. Her work is portrayed using a blog system with different categories and post types.

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My first full website design and build.

Gemma Bromley is a lifelong friend and newly published author. She needed a website to promote her new book and to publish blog posts. She has also had t-shirts designed to sell on the site, of which money goes to charity from each purchase. 

Putting this site together really sparked my interest in digital design and led me to pursue it as a career, rather than just a hobby.

Gemma is an unbelievably positive person with a spiritual outlook on life and capturing this on her website was the main focus. 

Sadly, due to Gemma’s hectic schedule, the site doesn’t get updated as much as we’d hoped it would. But there will hopefully be book number 2 coming in the not too distant future, which will undoubtedly mean the website will have some new content soon. 

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Gemma Bromley desktop and mobile